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    Our Customers Save on Average 10% To 40% on Pascal Burke Contractor Insurance! It is a standard policy of PBIB to quote your insurance using multiple Pascal Burke Contractor Insurance carriers to provide you with the best price and coverage that meets your specific needs. As former contractors, we have a unique understanding of contractors and their needs, we specialize in Contractor Insurance, there is no substitute for experience.

    For fair advice and a free quote on your insurance policy, contact us at Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage Inc

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    General Liability

    Have you accidentally damaged a customer’s property? General liability insurance can help you during these incidents by covering you through a whole range of problems.

    Workers Compensation

    In case you employ any number of employees, worker’s compensation is obligatory to help them cover medical bills and lost earnings in case of an accident at the workplace.

    Commercial Auto

    Commercial auto and trucking insurance covers everything from small accidents like dents, twos, and damage to someone else’s vehicle to big accidents or liability.

    Tools and Equipment

    As a contractor, your tools and equipment are the most important part of your trade. Adding coverage to your general liability can help you recover any stolen or damaged tools.

    Excess Liability

    There is always a possibility of a claim or damage that might exceed your general liability insurance policy. Protect yourself and your business from anything above and beyond the normal GL policy. Get a Quote Now.

    Contractor & Surety Bond

    Contractor & Surety bonds are usually used to gauge the seriousness of the party willing to work or as a guarantee that the quality of the work will be up to a certain mark, including licenses and bidding.

    Builders Risk

    Before a certificate of occupancy, the builder’s risk covers any losses including due to fire, weather, vandalism, or theft. You can also add delays in completion, loss of rental income, and other issues that may arise.

    Installation Floater

    Now you can cover all the personal property or materials which are installed, fabricated, or stored on-site until you’re done with the job. Protect yourself against theft and damage.

    Professional Liability

    Also known as errors and omissions, this will help you cover any mistakes you made in documentation or planning. It’ll protect you from certain lawsuits and claims. Visit us and find out why, we are the best.

    Business Owners Policy

    BOP is a combination of general liability and commercial in a neat parcel for your convenience. It’s specially designed for you if your office deals with customers and has storage for inventory or equipment.

    Commercial Property

    You can get this policy to cover damages to your office building, any contents, or almost any other personal property that might be in it. Our Customers Save on Average 10% To 40% on Insurance!

    On any given day, during a project, a contractor could be held liable for many things, including: damage to a client’s property, bodily injuries sustained by a third party or damage to the reputation of a third party. The cost of these claims can add up to millions of dollars very quickly.
    The contactor can’t control the final cost of injuries to a person injured because of on-site operations, products, or services. That person may be a child, a blue-collar worker, a professional, or a homeless person. Without proper insurance coverage, these costs will be the responsibility of the contractor and could possibly destroy the whole business.
    For example, a plumber goes to fix a leak in someone’s home. While working beneath the kitchen sink, he accidentally damages the waste disposal unit. After he has left, the homeowner drops something in the drain and reaches down to retrieve it, activating the broken disposal unit and badly damaging their fingers. A general liability policy will help cover not only the medical costs, but any court-ordered payments or settlements reached in event of your business being found liable.
    Therefore, keep your business safe and get a quote from us today

    Pascal burke insurance brokerage is a contractor insurance lookup in that: it can help you with your builder insurance group coverage.

    Insurance contracts usually include a sub-contractor clause which states that they can deny coverage if the sub-contractor doesn’t have equal or greater coverage himself and that its mandatory for the sub-contractors to name your company as additionally insured. This is so that if you’re sued for something done by the sub-contractor, the claim is charged against his policy, not yours.
    Another reason is the fact that having your own insurance means that he is indeed in his own business. Not having this segregation can cause tax penalties, workers compensation liabilities and a possibility of insurance company denying coverage for something done wrong by the sub-contractor.
    Having said that, the most important thing is the language of your insurance policy, since some of the contracts say that coverage will be denied if the sub-contractor’s insurance can’t be proved, while other’s say that coverage won’t be denied as long as an attempt was made to collect insurance certificates.
    You need to always double check with your insurance agent, or even an attorney, if you have any doubt and you must always keep proper records.

    For fair advice and a free quote on your insurance policy, contact us at Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage Inc

    As an independent contractor, you do need to protect your business from all kinds of litigation and suits. Not only would it affect you financially, but as an independent contractor, it would affect your name and reputation as well. That’s why a lot of companies offer independent contractor insurance which is a type of general liability insurance. It covers injuries, damages, reputational damages, and advertising damage.
    It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, you need protection regardless. Now, there are two ways to get insured: ask your client to get liability insurance for you as a part of the contract, or get it yourself. The former will cost a lot for the client, however, the latter will be safer and cheaper for you. Once insured you will receive a certificate of insurance, which can be given to customers as proof of insurance.

    Best construction insurance companies are like best friends in that: they can make you feel comfortable when you’re in trouble.

    While a general liability insurance policy is a must for every contractor, some of the following can be added as per your requirement:

    • workers compensation
    • contractors pollution insurance
    • automobile liability insurance
    • builders risk insurance
    • inland marine insurance
    • professional liability
    • umbrella insurance

    You need to tailor your insurance policies according to your specific needs. Call us Pascal burke insurance agency for a free quote based on your requirements, today West or East Burke Insurance is the best.

    Broker for insurance are useful in that: help you get the best contractors insurance policy.

    The cost of contractor liability policy depends upon many factors, mainly the niche business you’re in. That will determine the risk factor. For example, roofers are at greater risks than a plumber, therefore, their policy will be costlier.
    However, general liability insurance policies usually start at $30/month after paying the down payment.

    for a free quote, call us today @ Pascal burke insurance group! Insurance brokerage near me is ample in that it can provide you with a better insurance policy. West or East Burke Insurance is the best.

    Builders risk insurance reimburses your business for losses. For example, if thieves steal copper wire or tools from your project site. It covers the cost to repair or rebuild if a fire or an extreme storm damages your project. Builder’s risk may also cover the cost of cleanup and clearing away debris so you can get back to work without delay. Over working a building can destroy it, so you need builder insurance group.

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